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मे mGs

Today we will look at the form मे from श्रीमद्वाल्मीकि-रामायणम् ।

एतदिच्छाम्यहं श्रोतुं परं कौतूहलं हि मे |
महर्षे त्वं समर्थोऽसि ज्ञातुमेवंविधं नरम् || १-१-५||

Gita Press translation “I wish to hear this; for there is a great curiosity in my mind about it, while you are capable of knowing such a man. O eminent seer!”

‘अस्मद्’ gets प्रातिपदिकसंज्ञा by 1-2-45 अर्थवदधातुरप्रत्ययः प्रातिपदिकम् and सर्वनाम-सञ्ज्ञा by 1-1-27 सर्वादीनि सर्वनामानि । The विवक्षा here is षष्ठी-एकवचनम् 4-1-2 स्वौजसमौट्छष्टाभ्याम्भिस्ङेभ्याम्भ्यस्ङसिँभ्याम्भ्यस्ङसोसाम्ङ्योस्सुप् mandates the प्रत्ययाः सुँ, औ, जस् etc. after the प्रातिपदिकम् ‘अस्मद्’

(1) अस्मद् + ङस् ।

(2) मे । By 8-1-22 तेमयावेकवचनस्य, the अस्मद्-प्रातिपदिकम् along with the ङस्-प्रत्यय: (षष्ठी-एकवचनम्), gets मे as replacement, since the following conditions are met:
a) There is a पदम् in the same sentence preceding अस्मद्-शब्दः। Here in this example we have हि preceding.
b) अस्मद्-शब्दः is not at the beginning of the metrical पाद:।


1. In which chapter of the गीता is “मे” used in the first verse? Is it चतुर्थी-एकवचनम् or षष्ठी-एकवचनम्?

2. Which प्रातिपदिकम् is present the form “नरम्”? (Is there more than one choice?)

3. Use some words from the verse to compose the following sentence in Sanskrit:
“You are capable of knowing the answer to this question.”

4. Which सूत्रम् is an अपवाद: for 8-1-22 तेमयावेकवचनस्य?

5. Where has the “युष्मद्” प्रातिपदिकम् been used in this verse?

6. Where has the सूत्रम् 7-1-23 स्वमोर्नपुंसकात्‌ been used?

7. Which प्रातिपदिकम् used in the verse has the घि-सञ्ज्ञा?

8. Please list the three synonyms for the word कौतूहलम् (प्रातिपदिकम् “कौतूहल” neuter, meaning “curiosity”) as given in the अमरकोश:।
कौतूहलं कौतुकं च कुतुकं च कुतूहलम् ।।१-७-३१।।
(इति चत्वारि “कौतुकस्य” नामानि)

Easy questions:

1. Which सूत्रम् was used to get इच्छामि + अहम् = इच्छाम्यहम्?

2. Which सूत्रम् was used to get महा + ऋषि = महर्षि?

3. Please do पदच्छेद: of समर्थोऽसि and mention the relevant rules.

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