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गाम् fAs

Today we will look at the form गाम्-fAs from श्रीमद्भागवतम् Sb11-23-59.

निर्विद्य नष्टद्रविणे गतक्लमः प्रव्रज्य गां पर्यटमान इत्थम् ।
निराकृतोऽसद्भिरपि स्वधर्मादकम्पितोऽमूं मुनिराह गाथाम् ।। ११-२३-५९ ।।

Gita Press translation “The glorious Lord went on: Getting disgusted with the pleasures of sense and leaving his home and wandering over the earth, the ascetic – whose depression of spirits was gone even though he had lost his fortune, and who did not budge from his righteous course of conduct though ill-treated as aforesaid by the wicked – chanted the foregoing song.”

‘गो’ gets प्रातिपदिकसंज्ञा by 1-2-45 अर्थवदधातुरप्रत्ययः प्रातिपदिकम्। The विवक्षा here is द्वितीया-एकवचनम्4-1-2 स्वौजसमौट्छष्टा… mandates the प्रत्ययाः सुँ, औ, जस् etc. after the प्रातिपदिकम् “गो” ।

(1) गो + अम् ।

(2) गाम् । By 6-1-93 औतोऽम्शसोः, आकारः shall be the single substitute in the place of an ओकारः and the following अकारः of affixes अम् and शस्।


1. Where is the word “गाम्” found in the गीता?

2. Please do पदच्छेद: of the सूत्रम् 6-1-93 औतोऽम्शसोः and indicate the विभक्ति:/वचनम् of each term.

3. Derive the form “अमूम्” (स्त्रीलिङ्गे द्वितीया-एकवचनम्) from the सर्वनाम-प्रातिपदिकम् “अदस्”।

4. Which terms from the प्रादिगण: (reference 1-4-58 प्रादयः) have been used in this verse?

5. Which of these (answer to question 4) have the उपसर्ग-सञ्ज्ञा? (reference 1-4-59 उपसर्गाः क्रियायोगे)

6. Why did we not consider the सूत्रम् 6-1-107 अमि पूर्वः in this example?

7. How would you say this in Sanskrit?
“This (is) an appropriate example.” Use the adjective प्रातिपदिकम् “उचित” for “appropriate.”

8. Please state the one synonym for the word “क्लम:” (प्रातिपदिकम् “क्लम” masculine, meaning “fatigue”) as given in the अमरकोश:।
क्लमथः क्लमे ॥३-२-१०॥
(इति द्वे “ग्लाने:” नामनी)

Easy questions:

1. Derive the form “स्वधर्मात्” (पञ्चमी-एकवचनम्) from the प्रातिपदिकम् “स्वधर्म” (declined like राम-शब्द:)।

2. Which term used in the verse has the घि-सञ्ज्ञा (reference 1-4-7 शेषो घ्यसखि)?

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