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कतरस्मिन् mLs

Today we will look at the form कतरस्मिन् from श्रीमद्वाल्मीकि-रामायणम् ।

सर्वतश्चार्यतां दृष्टिः कानने निपुणो ह्यसि |
आश्रमः कतरस्मिन् नो देशे भवति संमतः || ३-१५-३||

Gita Press translation “Since you are a man of insight, cast an eye all around in the forest. At which place will a hermitage be acceptable to us?”

‘कतर’ gets प्रातिपदिकसंज्ञा by 1-2-45 अर्थवदधातुरप्रत्ययः प्रातिपदिकम्। The विवक्षा here is सप्तमी-एकवचनम्। 4-1-2 स्वौजसमौट्छष्टाभ्याम्भिस्ङेभ्याम्भ्यस्ङसिँभ्याम्भ्यस्ङसोसाम्ङ्योस्सुप् mandates the प्रत्ययाः सुँ, औ, जस् etc. after the प्रातिपदिकम् ‘कतर’

(1) कतर + ङि । ‘कतर’ ends in the डतर-प्रत्यय: which is listed in the सर्वादि-गण:। Hence ‘कतर’ gets the सर्वनाम-सञ्ज्ञा by 1-1-27 सर्वादीनि सर्वनामानि ।

(2) कतरस्मिन् । By 7-1-15 ङसिङ्योः स्मात्स्मिनौ , following a pronoun ending in अ, the affixes ङसि and ङि are replaced respectively by स्मात् and स्मिन् ।


1. Where does the declension of कतर-शब्द: differ from that of सर्व-शब्द: ?

2. Where is the कतर-शब्द: used in the गीता?

3. Please use some words from the verse to construct the following sentence in Sanskrit:
“You are skilled in finance.” Use the प्रातिपदिकम् “अर्थ-शास्त्र” for finance.

4. The अमर-कोश: gives five synonyms for the word “अरण्यम्” (प्रातिपदिकम् “अरण्य” neuter) meaning “forest.” One of them is काननम् (प्रातिपदिकम् “कानन” neuter) used in this verse. Can you list the other four?
अटव्यरण्यं विपिनं गहनं काननं वनम् ।।२-४-१।।
(इति षट् “अरण्यस्य” नामानि)

5. In the absence of 7-1-15 ङसिङ्योः स्मात्स्मिनौ , which सूत्रम् would have applied to give which undesired result?

6. Which word in the verse has समानाधिकरणम् with the word आश्रम: ?

7. Where has the सूत्रम् 6-1-114 हशि च been used in this verse?

8. In the form कानने (कानन + ङि), the ङि-प्रत्यय: was not replaced by “स्मिन्” . Which condition required by 7-1-15 was not satisfied?

Easy questions:

1. Which सूत्रम् has been used in the following?
हि + असि = ह्यसि।

2. Which word in the verse translates to “since”?

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