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पाणिनीयाः mNp

Today we will look at the form पाणिनीयाः mNp in पारिभाषा #56.

अकृतव्यूहाः पाणिनीयाः ∥ ५६ ∥

Translation – Those who study/know Pāṇinīyam (the treatise expounded by Pāṇini) decide not (to apply a rule, when its cause/causes is/are about to vanish.)

Note: पाणिनिना प्रोक्तम् (शास्त्रम्) = पाणिनीयम् (शास्त्रम्) – (the treatise) expounded by Pāṇini.
पाणिनीयम् (शास्त्रम्) is a तद्धितः form derived by adding the affix ‘छ’ (which is replaced by ‘इय’ as per the सूत्रम् 7-1-2) to the base ‘पाणिनि’ as per the सूत्रम् 4-3-101 तेन प्रोक्तम् in conjunction with the सूत्रम् 4-2-114 वृद्धाच्छः।

पाणिनीयमधीते वेद वा = पाणिनीयः – a person who studies or knows Pāṇinīyam (the treatise expounded by Pāṇini).
In the verse, the विवक्षा is प्रथमा-बहुवचनम्। Hence the form is पाणिनीयाः।

(1) पाणिनीय अम् + अण् । By 4-2-59 तदधीते तद्वेद – To denote a person who studies or knows that (subject matter), the तद्धित: affix ‘अण्’ may be optionally applied following a syntactically related पदम् in which the सन्धिः operations have been performed, provided the पदम् ends in the second case affix and has a base which denotes that (subject matter).

Note: ‘पाणिनीय अम् + अण्’ gets the designation प्रातिपदिकम्‌ by 1-2-46 कृत्तद्धितसमासाश्च। This allows 2-4-71 सुपो धातुप्रातिपदिकयोः to apply in the next step.

(2) पाणिनीय + अण् । By 2-4-71 सुपो धातुप्रातिपदिकयोः – A सुँप् affix takes a लुक् elision when it is a part of a धातुः or a प्रातिपदिकम्।

Note: Since the base ‘पाणिनीय’ is derived using the सूत्रम् 4-3-101 तेन प्रोक्तम्, it allows 4-2-64 प्रोक्ताल्लुक् to apply in the next step.

(3) पाणिनीय । By 4-2-64 प्रोक्ताल्लुक् – A तद्धित: affix which denotes the sense of ‘one who studies/knows’ takes the लुक् elision when it follows (a term that ends in) an affix which denotes the sense of ‘expounded’ (ref: 4-3-101 तेन प्रोक्तम्)।

Note: The प्रातिपदिकम् ‘पाणिनीय’ is an adjective. It declines like राम-शब्दः in the masculine gender.

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