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The following conventions followed in this website are from the book “Ramopakhyana” by Peter Scharf.

1. सुबन्ताः

masculine Nominative singular
feminie Vocative dual
neuter Accusative plural

2. तिङन्ताः

1 उत्तम-पुरुषः active singluar
2 मध्यम-पुरुषः middle dual
3 प्रथम-पुरुषः passive plural

3.  Participles

p past a active (कर्तरि) p particple +c causative
pf perfect m middle (आत्मनेपदम्) +desid desiderative
pr present p passive (कर्मणि) +intens intensive
f future +denom denominative

+ => Can also be derieved from these four types.

For eg.

pap        past active participle
pfap      perfect active participle
ppp       past passive participle
prap      present active participle
prmp     present middle participle
prpp       present passive participle

4.  Verb

v verb i intransitive 1 भ्वादि a active
t transitive 2 अदादि m middle
+ both 3 जुहोत्यादि
4 दिवादि
5 स्वादि
6 तुदादि
7 रुधादि
8 तनादि
9 क्र्यादि
10 चुरादि

+  neither i nor t

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